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  1. Increases children's sense of security and reduces their stress;
  2. In co-parenting, parents model respectful conflict resolution skills;
  3. Increases the likelihood of two active parents in children's lives;
  4. Improved communication and relationships with parents; and,
  5. Co-parenting decreases conflict.

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Five Benefits of Effective Co-Parenting

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As a family law paralegal I felt there was a major gap in the way we handle child custody and parenting in such a litigious, cold manner. Being a child of a contentious divorce I grew up constantly affected by my parents inability to have a civil conversation and co-parent for my own sake and sanity. As a result, I felt that I always had to pick sides.  I wanted to come up with a way to handle the issue before it becomes a problem.

Although co-parenting is hard, especially once your romantic relationship with the other parent has ended, it isn't impossible. My mission is to provide a foundation to build your co-parenting relationship on so  that your children can have the best relationship with both of their parents, in a healthy and stable way.

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