A Babynup™ can work for everyone, but the ideal candidates are those who are willing to work together and  strive to promote a healthy, stable environment for their child regardless of their relationship status or feelings toward the other parent.

Waiting until there is a problem is ineffective. Problems do not always allow you to continue on your child's daily routines and schedule  and, can lead to lengthy, expensive, and contentious Court custody battles.

Avoid these issues altogether, give me a call and we can talk about the different options and what the next steps are to preparing a Babynup™.

How can a Babynup™ help?

Is it right for my family?

What is a Babynup?

A Babynup™ can help prevent the other parent from running off with the child in the event of a breakup. It can help establish a legally-binding custody and parenting time arrangement in the event the parents need to enforce their agreement. A Babynup™ allows you and your child's mother or father to successfully co-parent your child without having to constantly discuss contentious parenting issues. But most importantly, it provides a sense of relief for each parent to be able to focus on raising their child right in a stable and loving environment.


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improving family life, 

knowledge and understanding!

Ultimately, a Babynup™ is whatever you make of it. Because each family is unique there is no cookie-cutter answer as to what the Babynup™ is. Each agreement is tailored to each mother, father, and their child (or children).

The concept is to allow unmarried parents to come up with an agreement so there is a clear understanding of the parents intent to raise their child should their relationship status change and/or they become unable to work together. 

These agreements can cover items like custody, parenting time, school and extra-curricular activities, and so much more!